Jennifer Busking

Nymph Pendant


Image of Nymph Pendant Image of Nymph Pendant Image of Nymph Pendant

She was a fairy, a wood nymph.
She would be invisible for ever to all mortals, save those few who have minds to believe, eyes to see. To these she is ever present, the spirit of Nature - a sprite of the meadow, a naiad of lakes, a nymph of the woods.

The Nymph Pendant is hand carved and cast in sterling silver, using the process of sand casting.

Measures 4 x 3.5 cm.
Can be ordered with an optional 2.05 mm gourmet chain collier of 42cm.

The pendant is polished for a glossy look.
Prefer a matte finish? Drop me a note at checkout and I will give her a gentle brush.

Ready to ship.

Handcrafted in Antwerp by Jennifer.
Each piece is carefully created with love and intention and made to be cherished along your personal journey.